Downtown Livability

We’re challenging you to use your powers
for good and improve downtown livability in the most creative way possible.
Oh yeah…and you only get 48 HOURS to do it!

  • Create
  • Contribute
  • Cultivate
  • Collaborate
  • Collect

Hacking will take place at the Downtown Athletic Club

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2017 Challenges

15th Night – 2016 Challenges

Problem: Experience shows that a youth who spends more than 14 consecutive nights on the street are 80% more likely to become chronically homeless.

Challenge: Produce a product in which anybody in the 15th Night service provider network can query (in real time) all others in the network about availability of services.

CoderDojo – 2016 Challenge

Problem: Coder Dojo is entering its second school year with workshops held at Lane Community College’s downtown campus with no website.

Challenge: We need a website to showcase our program, sign up participants in sessions, recruit mentors, and accept monetary donations.

Redcaps – 2016 Challenge

Problem: Their current data collection process is handwritten notes on a scratch pad, along with data entry on log sheets in the office at the end of each shift.

Challenge: Give some love to the Red Caps by way of technology that can enable easy and efficient collection of data through a mobile interface.

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