Hack for a Cause FAQ

2017 Hack for a Cause FAQ

How big can my team be? Teams can be anywhere from one to seven members. All members must register and RSVP for the event.

Is there a Code of conduct page?

Yes, right here.

Will the Downtown Athletic Club (DAC) be open overnight? Yes. The facility will remain open for hackathon participants through the weekend to support the event – this includes restroom and shower facilities. The DAC will only be open to the general public during normal business hours.

I can’t stay the whole time, can I still participate? Of course! We realize that a weekend is a long time and people may need to attend to other commitments, or just sleep! We do, however, strongly encourage you to be present for the first few hours of the hackathon to see the idea pitches, as well as the final few hours for the presentations and judging. There will also be a special prize for anyone who stays until 1am Friday or Saturday night.

Can multiple teams take on the same challenge? Yes!  Participating teams may choose whichever “Goldilock” challenge strikes their interest. If you or your team is particularly skilled, you can also enter multiple challenges.

Can I be a mentor?

At Hack for a Cause industry pros can collaborate directly and side-by-side with students. This is different than a collegiate hackathon, where mentorship enables professionals to provide only light guidance to students.  


What if I don’t know how to code?

You are still welcome! We have several challenges that don’t require any coding skills. As long as you come willing to learn and ready to contribute ideas, you can contribute to a team.


What do I bring?

This is a very hands-on and grassroots event. Bring your tools: laptops, mobile phones, scratch paper etc. We will provide food, drinks, wi-fi, power and all of the other assets specifically noted in each of the individual Challenges.


Do I own the code?  

Winning project repos will be made public and open sourced under the MIT license.  You can fork your repo and build anything you like including for-profit apps but so can anyone else.

More documentation?

Yes over on Github: https://github.com/Hack4Eugene/Hack4Cause2017/tree/master/docs