Challenge Submissions

You need problem-solvers. They need problems to solve. In the space provided, please describe a Goldilocks Problem — small enough to be progressed over a weekend, but large enough to make a real difference — for the 2017 Hack for a Cause participants to tackle.

Thank you for your interest in Hack for a Cause.

Challenge Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in submitting a challenge for Hack for a Cause. Submitting a challenge is a great way to jump start the process for finding a technological solution for your business. Accomplished and enthusiastic developers from all over Eugene are excited to utlize their tech skills to help bring you the solution your business needs. To ensure the best possible project, developers taking on your challenge will need help and input from your business with detailed information on your needs, assets such as copy and images, and your support.

Since this event is limited to only one weekend, the development teams will need all the specs, assets, copy, and any other considerations at the beginning of the hackathon.

Resources and Specs

  • Any restrictions on the application or data should be made apparent from the start.
  • Well written descriptions make for better development and a better product.
  • The more resources available the better.

Here are some resource that will help developers with your challenge:

  • Assets such as images, copy, logos, and data.
  • List of rules and restrictions with data if any.
  • Making these resources easily available will also help teams with your challange.

Additional Resources

A person representing the challenge on site for the hackathon is also a big help. Developers may have further questions about the nature for the challenge or direction to head in meeting the challenge.

Only 48 Hours of Development

Keep in mind that 48 hours may not be enough time to fully complete the challenge into a production ready solution. The goal of hackathons is to explore the long term solving of the challenge. Last year saw some big successes that are still in use today. These successes took more than the course of the hackathon weekend to get to a viable long term solution.